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Scaffolding | Total access solutions

Harsco Infrastructure is one of the world’s largest scaffolding contractors and suppliers of rental access equipment. Specializing in large scale complex projects, we have over 100 years experience scoping, designing, delivering and managing access and scaffold requirements for major construction and engineering contractors worldwide.

All our rental, sale and contracted scaffolding products and services are thoroughly quality checked, compliant with current legislation and regularly inspected. Our access systems are approved for use on some of the most complex and sensitive locations in the world, from live public environments such as railway stations and airports to hazardous sites such as petrochemical refineries or offshore oil rigs.

Safe work at height

By working with you at an early stage we can fully understand your project requirements and recommend the safest possible approach to complete your project successfully, on time and on budget.

Innovation is at the heart of our business and this enables us to produce a project solution that is tailored exactly to your access requirements - not just based on our “product catalogue”.

Modular & frame scaffolding

We have a range of proven modular and frame systemized scaffold systems to ensure straightforward, quick and accurate assembly on your project.

The fast, safe and stable frame scaffolding we have available are ideal for a wide variety of small to medium sized projects, including new build, maintenance, roofing, painting and cladding. The scaffold systems are also versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

For more complex scaffolding requirements, we have modular systemized solutions available to enhance the personal safety of site workers. We have the ability to design, supply and erect work platforms sensitive to the special needs of the application whether it is a complex city centre new build, a historic building refurbishment or an industrial complex.

Tube & fitting traditional scaffolding

We have been synonymous with scaffolding through our pioneering work in the product’s development. Having been the innovator of tubular steel scaffolding, we have been at the heart of all major development in the market ever since.


We also offer stable, sturdy and convenient staircases, which are essential on many scaffolds and elsewhere on construction sites to enable workers to get to and from their place of work at height.

Our range of staircases are suitable for both professional trades and members or the public. The inherent variability allows ascending/descending stairs and other modes of access of all kinds and dimensions to be quickly assembled from just a few system components. Typically designed and integrated into the main scaffold, the staircases provide a convenient, fast and effective method of evacuation from a building in the event of an emergency.

Available for hire, sale and labor

Are you interested in using our solutions for your next project? Speak to one of our local experts to help you plan your project from start to finish including all design work if required.


In 2010 ESCO, Hünnebeck, Patent and SGB joined forces to operate under the new name of Harsco Infrastructure.