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In the current commercial environment clients demand fast-track construction programmes, rigorous cost control but no compromise to building quality. At the same time architects produce increasingly daring designs which bring engineering challenges of their own as they strive to create buildings which are more distinctive and energy efficient than ever before.

Insight onsite.™

It is often precisely these issues which lead contractors and clients to Harsco Infrastructure. Our track record for supplying high-productivity formwork solutions and innovative access designs ensures that construction can proceed speedily, efficiently and above all safely.

For high-rise office or residential refurbishment, our MASTCLIMBERS™ platforms allow work to proceed faster, more efficiently and less intrusively than any other access system – crucial if the building remains occupied throughout the work. Removing the necessity for a crane is a significant additional saving.  For sensitive historic buildings, our experienced teams will use our extensive range of access and weather protection systems to ensure that the structure is preserved, specialist trades accommodated and renovations completed quickly and to the highest quality.

To find out how we can deliver Insight onsite™ to your commercial, residential or leisure project, view our construction services pages.


In 2010 ESCO, Hünnebeck, Patent and SGB joined forces to operate under the new name of Harsco Infrastructure.